On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Living: Which is better?

So you’re trying to decide whether living on or off campus is right for you? Well this is the guide for you! Before you spend hours researching, keep in mind that most universities require non-local students to live in their dorms for the first year. Make sure to check your university’s housing website.

Let’s talk dorms

Living on campus is a unique experience. You’re literally spending almost every minute of your day with other students. Most dorms are individually shared between two or more students, bathrooms are shared, showers are shared, and studying spaces are shared. As a result, many students make wonderful friendships from dorm-living. It’s also easy to attend on-campus events as they’re usually within walking distance. RA’s supervise the dorms 24/7 and are there to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for students.

You won’t have to worry about paying utilities, internet, cable, and even food as most dorms come with a meal plan. Meal plans allow students to eat on campus and not have to deal with the hassle of buying groceries and cooking. This allows more time for studying and spending time with friends!

However, the biggest benefit to living on campus is that you can walk to class from your dorm! This is a big deal since you won’t need to pay for a car, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot a mile away from class (a bit exaggerated), nor deal with long commutes. 

Let’s talk off-campus apartments

Usually this is the cheaper option. We do recommend you do your math and find the average monthly rent near your university and compare that with the cost of dorming. Make sure to also account for internet, utilities, food, and transportation costs. You may get away with using public transportation or even biking/walking to class if the apartment is neighboring the school. 

Most students decide to live off campus after their first year of university due to costs and privacy. Usually you’ll have your own room but you’ll still be sharing the kitchen and living room with other students depending on the apartment. This is also a great option if you have a pet, as apartments may be pet-friendly. 

The biggest benefit to living off campus is privacy. You won’t hear your roommate playing video games till 3 in the morning. No annoying hallway conversations. You have your own bathroom and shower. You can study in peace. 

Well this concludes our guide! If you decide to live off-campus, consider finding an apartment through our app. You’ll get to find a sublease which will give you more freedom than staying with a yearly lease. Check out our website to learn more! 

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