The New Student Guide

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Starting College in the Spring semester can be different than beginning in the fall. If you are transferring from one college to another, things can seem different and weird since it’s not what you are accustomed to. 

Being the “new kid on the block” can be a bit challenging because you have to make new friends and make an effort to get involved! Rather than spending time alone, here are a few ways to make new friends!

Live with roommates!

One of the best ways to make friends is to befriend your roommates! You can find the perfect apartment on the zublease app and become friends with the existing roommates! Have them show you the best spots around campus and on campus!

Join a club

Your school website and student union can be a great source of information in helping you find the perfect club! Colleges are home to a plethora of clubs and organizations that can help you interact with new people and make new friends! If you can’t find a club that seems interesting, consider creating a new one!

Get a job on campus

Aside from making money with a part-time job, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet other students as well as college staff members. 

Find a study buddy

Nothing like making new friends to survive your classes! Having a study buddy will help motivate you to study and complete homework. Ideally this would be someone you naturally talk to during class. Just ask them to study with you at the library or a nearby coffee shop!

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